Unlocking growth: Bradbury Group's new base provides the foundations to flourish

By Scunthorpe Telegraph | Posted: 19 Feb 2019

AMBITIOUS plans to more than double turnover and create 100 further jobs in the next decade have been revealed as a new chapter starts in steel door producer Bradbury Group’s rapid evolution.

The foundation for such growth is an impressive multi-million pound overhaul of long-derelict industrial premises on Foxhills Industrial Estate, from virtually condemned to a cathedral of modern manufacturing and a statement HQ, unveiled last month.

Powder-coated in-house in corporate blue and orange, the eye-catching cladding of the substantial frontage, proud flying of the British flag and corporate-scale reception, are key indicators to just how far this company has come, on the relatively short trip from the anonymous surrounds of Dunlop Way.

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Inside is where the real money has been spent, ensuring the building of tens of thousands of steel security doors is as efficient as possible, blending the latest technology with established engineering techniques.

For a company that has been on an incredible journey since a Luton metal work business was acquired for £2,500 to complement a brass bed venture back in 1991, the latest leg has taken it on again, and it is why a £16 million business could become £40 million one in a 10-year time frame.

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“We ran out of capacity at the end of 2016,” Mr Strawson reflected. “Demand is always lumpy, one week we may sell 300 doors, the next we may sell 500, but we couldn’t keep up with 500, and we couldn’t get ahead because we didn’t have the storage. We only had space for 500 doors, and one customer was holding 250 with us.

“This facility is about twice as big as the last premises, and all under one roof. Before it was seven units with a road inbetween. Now we have storage for 4,000 doors. We can produce three times as many doors out of here. We really have got an outstanding facility.”

Without “too much trouble” he sees an ability to go from the current average output of 80 doors a day to 150. “We have seven per cent of the market, there’s no reason why we can’t get to 20 per cent, tripling turnover in five to 10 years. It could create 50 to 100 jobs over that period.”

Touching 300 headcount would be welcome by all in a town that sets its stall on engineering excellence.

“This facility is capable of that, possibly more,” Mr Strawson said. “We can triple our turnover and become more efficient. We have the best steel door making facility here in the UK, without a shadow of a doubt, so it has moved us from the middle of the second division to the top of the Premiership. I see a great future for the company.” 

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