ABP trialling new scheme to turn ocean waste into shampoo bottles

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 29 May 2018

ABP is trialling a new scheme in Hull and Goole which will turn ocean waste into useable shampoo bottles.

More than two tonnes of plastics have been collected from the Humber in the past few weeks, and the new pioneering initiative will see manufacturer Proctor and Gamble transform the waste into bottles which will go on sale at a major UK retailer later this year.

The work is part of ABP’s ongoing work to reduce plastic and marine litter around its Humber ports.

Chris Green, Hull and Goole Port Manager, said: “This green project is part of ABPs commitment to continually improving our environmental performance and work around our Humber ports to reduce plastics and marine litter.

“One plastic bottle can last for 450 years in the marine environment, slowly fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces, so we as a port authority will lead the way and make the Humber – the UKs busiest waterway - a cleaner and more environmentally friendly place.

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“We believe industry and wildlife can work hand-in-hand with support and encouragement so they can thrive; recently at Goole our marine staff have seen otters, seals and cormorants catching fish from the waters.”

The scheme is part of ABP's drive to cut down on waste in the Humber

The Humber waterways are cleaned by bulldozer-like floating machines - with reduced emissions - called the Waterwitch and Envirocat.

The boats collect the rubbish before it is separated to divert plastics, steel and wood from going to landfill.

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Proctor and Gamble, in collaboration with recycling company TerraCycle, will now work to turn the waste into bottles for shampoo.

Lisette Pieters, beach plastics project manager at TerraCycle, said: “It’s very encouraging to see companies such as ABP are engaged in supporting projects such as TerraCycle’s beach plastics recycling programme.

“It helps to clean our oceans and give these reclaimed plastics a second life by being incorporated into new consumer products such as shampoo bottles."

ABP Humber has dedicated teams to reduce and divert waste from landfill, and it also encourages wildlife with various green projects such as bug hotels and owl boxes and create green spaces for staff to enjoy.

ABP staff also litter pick across public areas of the port estates to stop it going into the sea and regular beach cleans are hosted at Spurn.

If the trial is successful, ABP hopes the scheme will be rolled out across all of its 21 ports in the UK.

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