A world first for pet food giant

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 7 Dec 2018

PET food giant Burgess Pet Care has launched a new product specifically created for indoor rabbits - a world first for the pet care sector.

Burgess Pet Care’s Excel Indoor Rabbit nuggets have been created to meet the intricate nutritional needs of rabbits that are living indoors.

Research shows a rise in the number of rabbits living indoors, and the new product has been launched to meet the demand.

Alex Thorne, senior brand manager at Burgess Pet Care, said: “Our own research has shown that 50 per cent of rabbits are now kept indoors.

“We know that many rabbit owners do this to ensure they get the constant care and attention they need, but rabbits spending so much time indoors miss out on the nutrients and vitamins they would get outside from their foraging behaviour, as well as natural exposure to sunlight.”

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