A recycling project has cut Hull firm’s spending by £10k

By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: 27 Apr 2018

A PIONEERING recycling system, which has saved a Hull cladding business £10,000 in its first year, could be rolled out across the country.

Vivalda, based in Mount Pleasant, was previously spending £1,400 a month in collection and landfill charges.

It trialled a new recycling scheme from January 2017, and in the first year revealed impressive savings of £10,000.

The system could now be rolled out to all of Vivalda’s eight sites in the UK.

Liam Pickup was the driving force behind the initiative in Hull.

He said: “Until January 2017, we simply threw all of our plastic wrapping, off-cuts of cladding and insulation into skips.

“It was a huge waste that was costing us around £1,400 per month in collection and landfill charges. And those costs were going to be getting bigger, not  

Vivalda is the UK’s leading distributor of decorative cladding and building boards.

The company became  concerned at the increasing cost of landfill charges, and the volume of waste it was producing.

It outlined plans to reduce the amount of plastic, panel board, insulation and metal away from landfill sites.

It took the plunge into a pioneering initiative, which saw a bailing machine installed at the Hull base.

The company now has its waste collected and recycled free of charge, and off-cuts of panels are delivered to local building firms for use.

Vivalda has also installed an aluminium extraction unit at the Mount Pleasant site, which turns waste metal into a material, which goes back into the manufacturing lifecycle.

Mr Pickup said: “We have had a lot of support and interest from the staff, as well as local companies, which are interested in using the materials that we previously threw away. 

“In terms of capital cost, the only kit we’ve needed to acquire is the plastic bailer and the aluminium extractor.

“It’s been amazing what we’ve been able to achieve with just a little bit of planning and investment. To really make recycling work, we’re realised that it’s about good communication and educating staff, suppliers and local businesses about the potential value hidden within waste materials."

Vivalda has confirmed the success of the scheme in Hull has led to plans to roll the system out to its other sites across the country.

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